Stimulate.Me wash & Thick.Again spray by KM New Products for Men available at KaiZeN!

Stimulate-Me.Wash, Stimulate-Me.Rinse and Thick.Again treatment!

The Stimulate-Me products paired with Thick.Again serum feature a breakthrough combination of ingredients. The products work together to rejuvenate and thicken hair strands, helping hair grow AND preventing hair loss.

This range is Kevin Murphy's first ever range for men. The wash and rinse products contains camphor crystals, bergamot mint and black pepper to help stimulate the scalp by increasing circulation while promoting hair growth. The Thick.Again treatment uses apigenin, oleanolic acid and lovely hemsleya root to help slow down the aging of hair follicles, preventing hair loss, while also lengthening hair’s growing phase. AND finally the Biotinyl-GHK will provide protein that is necessary for re-growth and swelling the hair shaft.

Get immediate results of thicker, more luscious hair
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